Aan Sinanta – Writer and Family Man

Aan Sinanta is a writer who is based out of Anchorage, Alaska. His works include a number of inspirational and nonfiction stories.  He enjoys writing for his children, and many of his inspirational stories for kids have become very popular.  His books have earned him quite a lot of popularity among his townspeople, and he has been often invited out to restaurants and stores for book signings.
He began writing when he was 23, and his first book took him two years to complete. However, after that he has been writing consistently. While he has been passionate about reading books since childhood, he never really pursued writing as a career.  He completed his undergrad with a major in World History, and a minor in Literature.  After graduating, his first and only job was for a travel firm where he started off as a customer service agent.  With hard work and dedication, he slowly progressed to a supervisor, and then to a manager.

As a child, he used to collect books, and by the age of 15, he had his own large collection of books.  In that way, he thinks that he taught himself to write by reading all those books in his younger years.  His wife Cathy, whom he met while in college, also shares his interest in reading and writing.  Although Cathy was a science student, she co-authored an inspirational book with her husband. Cathy and Aan Sinanta have two children: a son and a daughter.

Sinanta considers himself to be a complete family man. He is a dedicated husband, and a loving father. He makes sure to be completely involved in the lives of his children. He takes care to be always present for special occasions and school milestones. He also makes sure that he takes his children on vacation once a year. His wife has quit her job after they had children, and Sinanta also recently quit his job to take up writing full time.  While working on his books, he also has been writing for the local area newspaper.



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