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Aan Sinanta likes to Motivate Children

Aan Sinanta was born into a caring and loving family that fostered a positive atmosphere that allowed him to grow as a person.  His books reflect that spirit of encouragement and nurture that he received during his childhood.  He takes a keen interest in mentoring children and young adults to infuse a winning attitude in them.

He was born in Anchorage, and besides the few years of college, he has spent his entire life in Alaska.  Born into a family of dairy farmers, he knows the importance of hard work.  He takes a keen interest in community welfare, and has participated in various exhibitions to arouse awareness among people.  He has played an integral role in the development of after school mentorship programs for children.  

His books have been very well received throughout the nation, and he has become a popular person in his hometown.  He is often invited by schools, clubs, and other organizations to speak to children.  He also has been the chief guest at various school functions, and he has been recognized as a key contributor to society through his books.

While all his past books have been children’s motivational fictional books, he is currently working on a non fiction book dedicated to his own two children.  His wife Catherine has also contributed significantly to this book, and it is a matter of deep pride and joy for them.  A few years ago, Aan Sinanta quit his full time job and began writing full time.

Aside from writing, he also opened another business which is doing very well.  He currently lives in Anchorage in the same house where he spent his childhood.  Being a loving father, he enjoys spending time with his children.  Every year he likes to take them on vacation, and hopes to instill them with the same values that his parents taught him. 


Aan Sinanta – A Talented Writer from Anchorage, Alaska

Aan Sinanta was born and brought up in  Anchorage, Alaska, and is a writer by profession.  Growing up, he was always very passionate about reading, and by the time he was 15, he had already collected a large number of books in his personal library. In college, however, he majored in World History, with a minor in Literature. He began his career with a travel firm where he eventually became a manager.  With time, he regained his passion for reading, and then decided to start writing. He wrote his first book when he was 25.. However, since he was very busy, it took him to two years to complete it.  After that his passion for writing was invoked, and he started writing more often.

He met his wife Catherine in college, and they got married a few years later.  They both share their interest in reading, and she even co-authored one of his books.  They have two children: a 5 year old son, and a 3 year old daughter.  Catherine left her job when their son was born to take on the full time duty of a mom.  Aan Sinanta is a loving father and makes sure that he actively participates in the lives of his children.

He enjoys adventure sports like skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. He enjoys travelling, and takes a vacation whenever he can.  His most memorable trip was in college when him and his wife went backpacking through Europe.  Now, he tries to make sure that he takes his family for a vacation every year.  Next on his list is to go to Disneyland for the children.

Since he first started writing, he has written a number of books and short stories, some of which are inspirational books for children.  In the beginning of 2012, he left his full time job, and began writing his next book. Since the publishing of his 10 books, he is somewhat of a celebrity in his home town where he is often invited as a guest, and does book signings.