Aan Sinanta – “Man of the Year” Award Recipient

Aan Sinanta conducts exhibitions and seminars on youth empowerment throughout the nation. Aan Sinanta is a gifted writer who has written a number of books to inspire children and youth.

Aan Sinanta conducts exhibitions and seminars on youth empowerment throughout the nation, and has been the recipient of the prestigious  “Man of the Year Award” by the Interstate Schools Board.   He has been invited to many schools, clubs, and organizations to speak to children and motivate them.  He has formulated unique lessons and activities with which he teaches children to stay positive and nourish their minds. But first and foremost, he is a writer who has written numerous books for increasing the confidence of young children.  Using his  profound imagination, he has come up with interesting stories through which he imparts important life lessons to children.   

While most of his books have been based on imagined situations, he is currently working on his first piece of non-fiction.  His stories have been widely regarded as innovative ways of teaching children some of the most valuable things in life. He is often invited by schools and clubs to speak and mentor youth, and help steer them in the right direction.  One of his books has been incorporated into the curriculum of his local elementary school. Recently, he also opened a business in Anchorage, which gained considerable profits.  Being the kind and generous person that he is, Aan has donated a substantial amount of money to the development of youth mentorship programs in Anchorage.

Currently, he lives in Anchorage with his wife and two children.  Aan Sinanta makes it a point to take his children on vacation at least once a year.  His wife quit her full time job when their children were born, and now she is a stay at home mom. She believes Aan to be a caring husband and loving father who takes a keen interest in his children’s lives.  Aan receives motivation to write from his children, and many of his books have taken direct inspiration from the happenings with his children.   



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