Aan Sinanta — Respected Author From Anchorage

Aan Sinanta is a gifted writer who has written a number of books to inspire children and youth.  Born into a family of dairy farmers, he had a natural penchant for reading.  His grandfather, who is also his role model, would read story books to him starting from a very young age.  This not only inspired him to read on his own, but also helped develop his imagination. Looking back, he considers his reading to be the sole factor in his current success as a well loved writer.

Growing up in Anchorage, Alaska, his family included his mother, father, two sisters, grandmother, and grandfather.  Theirs was a simple close knit family that believed in the values of sharing and caring for each other.  He was installed with those same values, and his books reflect that.  He has dedicated most of his books to his late grandfather, without whose contribution he wouldn’t have become a writer.  

After graduating from college, Aan became a customer service rep at a reputed travel agency in Anchorage.  His hard work and dedication towards his work paid off, and within a few years he had worked his way up to a manager level position.  Around about the same time, Aan lost his mother with whom he was very close, and went into mild depression.  It was then that he began reading again as a means to escape from depression.



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