Aan Sinanta – Dynamic Indvidual and Writer

Aan Sinanta is a writer from Anchorage, Alaska, and he has been writing for many years.  He is known in his community for being a generous contributor towards children’s programs.  He also donates frequently to their after school activities. His first book,  which was published while he was working as a manager at a travel firm was very widely appreciated.    He has a unique and interesting way of weaving in important life lessons into stories.  

He was born and raised in a traditional family where his parents and grandparents lived together under one roof.  Being a part of a joint family system, he came to appreciate the value of a strong and supportive family structure.  He was always nourished with positivity and courage from everyone living in his house.  His siblings also provided the same affection, which he believes helped him become strong, focused, and determined.  

He quit his full time job in 2012, and is working on his next book.  He takes inspiration from his children whom he loves very much.  He believes that it is very important to spend time with and know his kids, so that he is in a better position to guide them when needed.  His hobbies include travelling and photography.  Every year he takes his family to a new country so they can enjoy their time together and get to see a new place.  

In addition, to writing his books, Aan Sinanta is also writing for their local newspaper.  He is quite popular in his community and is often invited by people for inaugurations and special occasions.  He was honored with “Man of the Year Award”, and also does seminars and speeches across the country.  His wife Cathy quit her job as a nurse, and together with Aan, she is now running a successful business in Anchorage.  


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