Aan Sinanta is a Forward Thinking Children’s Writer

Aan Sinanta was born in Anchorage,  and is a proficient, forward thinking writer. He has been the recipient of numerous awards for his contribution towards healthy child development via his books.  Even though he read a lot of books during his childhood, which he spent on his family’s dairy farm, he never thought that he would end up being a writer. His grandfather played an instrumental role in sparking his interest for books, because he read all the classics to him. All this story telling by his grandpa inspired him, and he began reading on his own.  Some of his most memorable books included The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Sherlock Holmes, The Swiss Family Robinson, Around the World in 80 Days, Journey to the Center of the Earth, James and the Giant Peach,  David Copperfield, and The Three Musketeers,

After he completed high school, he moved out of state to attend University.  Here he began studying world history. By now, he had given up reading for many years, and was involved in a variety of organizations and clubs on campus. He also began volunteering for an organization that provided counseling to children who were victims of domestic abuse and violence.  Then he joined a book club, where he met Cathy, a biological sciences student, who later became his wife.  

They began to meet with each other more frequently over the pretense of discussing books and stories. During their sessions together, they began to like each other and eventually fell in love.  A few years later, they got married. Few years into his job as a travel agent, he began writing his first book.  He enjoyed writing for kids, and wanted to inspire them.  Even though it took approximately 2 years to complete, it received a every warm welcome.  With his first book out in the market, Aan Sinanta began his book writing career with a bang.  



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