Aan Sinanta Writes Inspirational Books For Children

Aan Sinanta is a renowned writer from Anchorage, Alaska. He has more than 10 books to his credit and most of his books are work of fiction. He writes short stories and inspirational books for children and young readers. He himself was very interested in reading books in his childhood. He spent most of his free time reading stories and interesting children’s books. He was fond of Lewis Carroll, Maurice Sendak, Dr. Seuss and various other authors. He wrote his first book when he was  25. At that time, he joined a job as a manager with a travel firm. This kept him too busy that it took him almost 2 years to finish his first book. The book was well accepted and this motivated him to write more.

Aan Sinanta not only wrote inspirational books for children, but also formulated lessons and activities specially designed to teach children. These lessons are extensively used and appreciated by the teachers and children. His books increase the confidence among young children and motivate them to achieve something in their life. His stories are a reflection of life and have important lessons of life, which children love to read. He has created some very interesting characters in his stories and children love these characters. Though his genre is writing fiction for children; however, he is working on a non-fiction these days. His wife Catherine, who is also fond of reading and writing, is helping him in his project.

Due to his popularity among children, Aan Sinanta is often invited to schools, clubs, and public events for addressing children and motivating them. His inspirational speeches motivate youngsters and lead them to the right direction. He has contributed a lot to the development of youth mentor ship programs in Anchorage. One of his books is the part of curriculum of a local elementary school .To recognize his efforts, the Interstate Schools Board has awarded him prestigious “Man of the Year Award”. He conducts seminars and exhibitions on youth empowerment throughout the country and motivates the youngsters to recognize their worth and do something substantial for their society. He has two children whom he loves very deeply. Whenever he gets some time, he likes to spend that time with his family and likes to take them on vacation.  



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